The most advanced cooking technology
to enhance your cooking game

SmartyPans will change your cooking experience forever!

Our revolutionary product automatically tracks calories and records your delicious recipes as you cook in real time.This is the most interactive and fun cooking gadget ever.

Record Recipes As You Cook

Voice Input & Smart Sensors

Just speak to the app and tell what ingredient you are adding. The weight and temperature sensors automatically track each ingredient.


AI Generated Recipes

SmartyPans AI generates a standardized recipe based on the weight, temperature and name of the ingredient. You can also edit your steps as you like for that personal touch!


Save, Snap, Share

Take a picture of the recipe right from the app and share it with anyone you like on whatever social network you want.

Get Personalized Cooking Instructions


Search and select the recipe you like



Get customized step-by-step cooking instructions with realtime sensor feedback


Share, Track, Savor

Enjoy your delicious meal, track your nutrition and share it with your loved ones

SmartyPans Calculates Nutrition

Check Nutrition

Get the nutrition breakdown for meals you cook with SmartyPans



Sync it with your fitness tracker right from the SmartyPans app fat, carbohydrates, sodium and glycemic load.


Cook, Track, Repeat

Automatically create food logs on the nutrition and fitness app of your choice.

SmartyPans - the most advanced cooking technology

Select from three unique colors to match your unique personality The pan is designed with your health, ease and convenience in mind


The Technology


SmartyPans is the best! I don't have to worry about keeping my food diary and can easily sync everything! I love cooking and this makes it so much more fun!

– Don Perry

Thanks SmartyPans! I love the interactivity that you bring to my cooking experience. Saving my recipes is awesome! LOVE IT!

– Caroline Ballard

Cooking went from being mundane to being super fun. SmartyPans turned my kitchen into an interactive experience that helped me immerse myself in cooking and become a better cook!

– Laurie Elliott

This is the coolest kitchen gadget I've ever used. I calorie count and do portion control and this pan is a life saver. I can measure my food directly from the pan and also keep track of calories.

– Fred Bailey

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