Our Story

SmartyPans was started by sibling founders Prachi & Rahul

With a passion for food, health, wellness and cooking.

Prachi Baxi

Prachi believes your health starts in the kitchen. A nutritionist by profession, she holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition. With passion for health, nutrition & fitness, Prachi has a natural ability to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle and take charge of their own health. Her past roles range from Nutrition Counselor impacting people’s lives on a one-on-one basis, to fitness writer, to managing nutrition compliance for USDA Federal Meal Programs (Michelle Obama's Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act).

A vegetarian and an avid home cook, Prachi supports food sustainability and environmental health through buying local and eating seasonal. She enjoys shopping at farmers markets and experimenting with seasonal foods as it’s not only good for your own health & environmental health, but a great way to support your local farmers.

Rahul Baxi

As the technical cofounder, Rahul oversees engineering and technology development at SmartyPans; ranging from hardware development, software development, machine learning algorithms and manufacturing.

A Carnegie Mellon alum, Rahul is a multi-disciplinary engineer with a passion to build innovative technology projects. Fascinated by how a little dietary change could have a massive impact on physical, mental and overall health, Rahul picked up on clean eating and home cooking.  He religiously follows a simple tip from his sister: Stick with natural ingredients. Any ingredient you cannot pronounce is not worth putting in your body.

Our Mission

We are a proud supporter of the UN Global Goals. As a hardware and food tech startup, we are aligned with the following global goals

Zero Hunger

World Central Kitchen (WCK) provides smart solutions to fight hunger and poverty around the world.  Smartypans is proud to donate  a portion of each unit sold to this global cause, because zero hunger is something worth fighting for.

Health & Wellness

The power of food is close to our hearts in every way. We care deeply and actively promote smart and healthy food choices. It is our mission to make preparing nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals smarter, easier and more accessible.



SmartyPans proudly offers products completely manufactured in a green facility. Our commitment to sustainability includes power generated by 100% solar energy.