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Weight Sensors

Built in weight sensors measure weight of ingredients as you add them to the pan.

Temperature Sensor

Built in temperature sensor tracks cooking temperature and tailors each recipe to adapt to your cooking stove


2500 mAH rechargeable LiPo battery that lasts over four months with a single charge.
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Detachable cooking inserts come in ceramic non-stick and stainless steel

Dishwasher Safe

Completely dishwasher safe


Patent published technology with unique light displays for different notifications

SmartyPans Makes
Cooking Fun & Social

As you cook in the pan, simply tell the app what ingredient you are adding. The app records your recipe based on the weight, temperature and time you cook each ingredient. Share your awesome recipe with your friends right from the kitchen as you cook.

SmartyPans Makes Cooking

With built in weight and temperature sensors in the pan, SmartyPans provides step-by-step cooking instructions displayed right on the app screen. Simply connect the pan to the app and get cooking. Delicious weeknight dinners are ready in no time.


The app computes nutrition of the food as you cook in the pan. Sync your nutrition data with your fitness trackers just with a click of a button.

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Prachi Baxi


A nutritionist by profession . Enjoys cooking and experimenting with seasonal foods.

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Rahul Baxi


An engineer by profession, loves everything tech. Loves to travel and try different ethnic foods.