“If you’re shopping for anyone obsessed with counting macros, they’ll love you for discovering this pan that does all the annoying math for you.”

- RealSimple


Precisely Perfect!

Get precise nutrition and calories for every dish—as you cook. Built-in weight and temperature sensors automatically and accurately compute the nutrition of ingredients in real-time. The app syncs seamlessly with your fitness tracker to help meet your fitness goals!


Cook Happy!

Create unique dishes while SmartyPans weighs, measures, and records the recipe for you. Sensors and fun-to-use voice interface tracks ingredients, records weight, temperatures, cook time and generates AI formatted recipe steps as you go. Your recipes are ready to share with the touch of a button!


Cook Up Some Yum!!

Select from a wide range of recipes from the app and get customized step by step cooking instructions. Built-in weight and temperature sensors guide you when to add ingredients, measure precise amounts, monitor the temperature, and assess cook times for each step.

Available in 3 Awesome Colors!

Tech Specs

SmartyPans - the most advanced cooking technology

Select from three unique colors to match your unique personality The pan is designed with your health, ease and convenience in mind

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